South Korea fined Do Kwona for not paying taxes

The South Korean National Tax Authority has ordered Terraform Labs, its co-founder Do Kwon, and another member ...
May, 19

Poloniex Stock Exchange

Poloniex is an international cryptocurrency exchange that allows users to buy, sell and trade cryptocurrencies. It offers a variety of ...

Bitfinex exchange

Bitfinex is a prime destination for experienced traders around the world and one of the best exchanges in terms of ...

The CEO of FTX believes that Bitcoin has no future as a payment system

Sam Bankman-Fried - general manager of the FTX cryptocurrency exchange - argued that bitcoin would not become a global ...
May, 16

Crypto.Com reverses trades on LUNA as of May 12

May, 13
In the wake of the Terra (LUNA) collapse, many cryptocurrency exchanges began preventing users from buying or selling a token. However, took it a step further by deciding to rollback LUNA trades that took place within a certain timeframe on May 12. Crypto.Com will announce ...

Until Kwon proposes a plan to rebuild the Terra ecosystem

May, 13
Co-founder of Terraform Labs, Do Kwon, made a proposal to preserve the Terra ecosystem. This situation is after the historic collapse of the algorithmic stablecoin UST and the resulting death spiral that brought the Terra (LUNA) token to virtually zero. In Friday's post on the company's research forum ...

Panama approves a regulatory law that allows taxes to be paid using cryptocurrencies

28 April, 2022
The Panama Legislative Assembly adopted a draft law regulating the commercialization and use of cryptocurrencies. Once signed by the president, it will enable the people of the country to pay taxes and civil debts through multiple digital assets. A rival for El Salvador? Gabriel Silva - 32-year-old Kong ...

What is grid trading and how do i automatically trade on Binance Futures?

28 April, 2022
High volatility of cryptocurrencies has always been a bane for investors. But what if I told you that there is a solution that allows you to make money regardless of which way the market is moving? In this article, we will introduce you to such a strategy. It's called the grid trade and if you make it to the end of this ...

The Brazilian Hashdex has been given the green light to issue cryptocurrency ETPs in Switzerland

26 April, 2022
Brazilian asset management company - Hashdex - has received approval from SIX Swiss Exchange to list cryptocurrency exchange products in Switzerland. In this way, the company intends to expand its global reach and provide its services to European investors. Another company that will introduce ...

Football legends Ronaldinho and David Beckham delve into the world of cryptocurrencies

26 April, 2022
Iconic Brazilian footballer Ronaldinho has partnered with the decentralized P00LS exchange to launch his own token called RON. David Beckham also came into contact with the cryptocurrency world by applying for several trademarks related to the Metaverse and the non-convertible ...

How and where to buy Cosmos (ATOM)?

25 April, 2022
Cosmos (ATOM) is a project hailed by the founding team as the "blockchain internet". Its goal is to create a network of cryptocurrencies connected using open-source tools and streamline transactions between them. It is the focus on the adaptability to the needs of the user and others ...

The cryptocurrency exchange Play with a lever up to 100x

What if you could get even more from your cryptocurrency investment? If you want to multiply your profits and are not afraid to take risks, trading with leverage may be a good choice for you. In this case, it is worth trying the proven and reliable cryptocurrency exchange with a leverage such as He tried ...

Ireland prohibits crypto political donations

19 April, 2022
Donations to political parties made with the use of cryptocurrencies will be banned in Ireland under the new rules on political integrity. They were developed in response to concerns about foreign interference in the country's policies. Amendments proposed by Minister Darragh OR ...

Biden appoints a former Ripple adviser as vice chairman of the Fed

16 April, 2022
Law professor Michael Barr, a former advisor to Ripple, has been elected by President Biden as the next vice president for oversight in the Federal Reserve, the White House press release said. In this position, created in 2010 under the Dodd-Frank Act, Barr would have responded ...
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Mobile Bitcoin exchange

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